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"After 2 years of getting virtually nowhere, the penny has finally dropped, and I have progressed more in the last month than I ever thought possible. This challenge has proved invaluable for improving grammar and listening exercises and being part of a family, and I am tempted to regularly report back from my adventures in Le Marche. 😄😄" -Debbie B.

"I had scoured the internet for content that would allow me to listen repetitively and was so excited to stumble on this audio program. It was exactly what I was looking for. I think the content Luke has developed is innovative. I don't think there is anything else like it from all of my searching. It is helpful seeing everyone else in our group trying, struggling, succeeding! Ce la facciamo!" - Haley L.

"This approach with the Challenge works well for me because it is finite and incorporates accountability to the group. The definitive amount of time (even if you fudge it a bit) keeps me on track as the milestones are reached. There is a connection to a community that is very valuable. I find Luke's encouragement to be priceless! I am optimistic that Italian In Your Pocket will lead me further down the path of tackling the lovely Italian language." - Jennifer C.

What you get...

Conversational Italian audio handcrafted to get you started the right way and listen to how Italians actually speak.

A community of 1000+ Italian language learners in a private Facebook group to keep you accountable and encourage you to keep learning!

Access the challenge course from your computer, tablet, or phone. 

Downloadable lessons to your phone/computer or printed out.

Highlighted text so you can follow along as you are listening. 

Normal and paused audio so you can repeat the phrases after the speakers.

Progress Checks so you can track your progress and see the method in action

The Master a Conversation in Italian 2 Week Challenge is a community of passionate Italian language learners and lovers who have challenged themselves to overcome fear, shyness, and gain consistent motivation. The goal is to have a short conversation in Italian in just 2 weeks!

Sharing the adventure and challenge with others means you get support and are able to go faster and speed up your learning!

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